How Much Does it Cost?

How much do you charge? 

costHopefully this isn’t your first question when searching for a professional hardwood floor company to do your floors, but it is a very important one. Since you work hard for your money, you don’t want to risk going with a cheaper company that cuts corners. This is not an easy answer to give without seeing your floor. There are many factors involved when figuring out the cost of a hardwood flooring project, and each floor must be assessed on its own merit. We do not like to guess over the phone and give a false sense of what it would take. This would be unfair to you the client and ourselves.

Good sense tells us that “we get what we pay for.” This is particularly true with hardwood floors. The quality of workmanship and product applied to preserve and protect your hardwood floors should be the main deciding factor. Attempting to save on price will directly affect the value and quality of workmanship. A job done correctly will result in a longer-lasting and better end result. Gathering quotes should be done to determine the best value, not just the best price.

How can I budget for my hardwood flooring project if I have no idea of the cost or what’s involved? 

By taking advantage of our free in-home estimate and consultation. To have a professional come into your home, educate you, carefully answer all your questions, explain your options and provide you a detailed quote, all for nothing is rarely seen these days. We gladly offer you this service because it goes along with our mission statement, “To provide a positive flooring experience.”

Before we talk numbers, we want to be very up front with you and say that we’re not going to be the lowest bidder for your project. However, we’re confident that we will save you the most money. We know that you care about your floors as much as we do, that’s why you’re here. After all, there’s no shortage of sub-standard work available. There are many flooring companies out there that are willing to do work at the lowest price possible without any regards to service, quality and longevity. We’re not one of them. We love what we do, and doing it properly takes skill, time and quality products - all things that cost a little bit more money.

Maxcare Hardwood Floors does offer competitive rates in relation to comparable floor refinishing professionals. If the other quotes that you have gathered are nowhere near ours, there is often a reason why and they are probably not a comparable professional. We are very detailed when providing our estimates and there will be no surprise charges when we are finished.

We strongly feel that in regard to many other ‘refinishers’ a lowball quote is their way of telling you the client what they feel they and their services are worth. It is also their way of telling you what they think your floor deserves. We believe it deserves more.

So what determines pricing?

  • Present condition of the floor and how difficult it will be to remove the existing finish.
  • Access to the area.
  • The layout of the floor plan.
  • Whether or not there is proper staging and power available.
  • Any repairs that may be needed.
  • Whether or not you wish to keep the floor a natural color or stain it.
  • Whether or not you would you like to take advantage of our 100% Dust Free Refinishing option.
  • The finish option you would like.
  • Prep work.
Do you have a minimum price?

Due to the difficulty of making profits pencil out, we rarely do jobs that cost less than $1500 except for maintenance coats. It ties up our equipment from being able to meet the demand our company has for service. These situations are handled on a case-by-case basis, but for us it simply doesn't pencil out to sand a 50 square foot foyer, for example.

Pricing per square foot is a bad model for three reasons:

1) It plays Russian roulette with the profitability of a company depending on job size. Unprofitable or low profit contractors will ALWAYS deliver less service because they have less time to be around for the job and usually end up rushing or cutting corners.

2) It is such an inaccurate measure regarding the consistently changing price point of materials and doesn't allow our company profit structure to maintain a healthy balance. If our company is not profitable, then we simply will not be able to survive and take care of our customers over the years. This is critical because it is one of the fundamental principles by which we do business.

3) It isn’t an accurate cost figure because each floor must be assessed on its own merit.

Contact us today at 253-864-0499 and take advantage of our free in home consultation.
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